Details For Your Stay With Us!

(Updated: January 9, 2020)

Your reservation is complete! We know that you have many rental choices in the Big Bear area so we are sincerely appreciative that you have chosen our cabin for your stay!

You should print-out this page with the needed details.

Address: 744 Elysian Blvd., Big Bear City, CA 92314
Property Manager/Emergency Contact in Big Bear, Al Ziegler: 951-833-4103
Emergency Owner Cell: 818-438-3677 (Rob)
Check-in Time: 3:00pm
Check-out Time: 12:00pm

There is a lockbox on one of the posts on the porch (just behind you, if you are looking at the door). The code to get the door key is 1936 (the bolt should be open – you will get one key for the door only). Enter that code again to close the device. Make sure to return the key in this lockbox upon your checkout.

Bring your own linen (bedding), towels, shampoo, and bath soap.


If you would like bedding and towels, our property manager will charge an additional $40 fee. Please let us know immediately if you want this, so we can promptly inform our property manager. If you select this service, the towels and bedding will be neatly placed on the edge of the bed. Upon your departure, please place the used linen and towels in the bathtub.


In November, 2014, we had a wood burning insert installed in our fireplace. We did this in order to keep the cabin even warmer during the winter… in fact, a small, one-log fire will keep the cabin even warmer than the heater, according to our chimney guy.

One log and a few firestarters should create for you the perfect, romantic fire.

Make sure to clean the fireplace when you are done, using the materials provided (shovel, brush, and ash can)!


We have high speed wireless internet available, free of charge. To use the internet, go into your wireless device settings and join the following network:

Network: belkin.0d7
Password: 9e7896b3

The router and modem are located on top of the armoire, to the right as you walk into the bedroom. If the internet is not working, unplug both of these devices for a few seconds, then replug and it should start working.


We do not have cable television; however, we do have a Fiesstick. There is a power strip next to the fireplace (to the right of the cube that the Playstation sits in). Make sure that the power strip is turned on in order to use the Firestick. Before you check-out, please make sure to turn off the power strip.

You have access to our Netflix, Amazon Prime, SLINGTV, and Major League Baseball subscriptions.

The remotes should be on the cube or on the fireplace. When using the Firestick..

In April, 2015, we added a Playstation 3 (with Blu-ray player). There is a Redbox kiosk at the front of Vons Market where you can rent DVDs. We added a bunch of Playstation games and multiple controllers in November, 2019.


Our kitchen area is stocked with everything you would need for basic cooking for 2-4 people. Pots, pans, forks, knives, spoons, oven mitts, wine glasses, bottle openers, etc. are all there.


20140518_162556We have had previous problems with the window blinds getting tangled, so we highly recommend that if you want to bring in light from the windows (and who doesn’t?), please use the rods to open and close the blinds. Lifting the blinds up with the string could cause the blinds to tangle.

Some of the windows have dowels and/or screws in place to prevent them from opening. Feel free to remove the dowels and the screws in order to open the windows. However, upon your check-out, please make sure that these are put back.


We have a toaster, microwave, coffee maker, and rice cooker. We may have some coffee, creamer, sugar, and coffee filters in the cupboards below the microwave. If they are there, you are welcome to use them.


In general, when we leave the cabin, we turn off the water to the cabin. This is done by habit in order to protect the interior pipes in the event of freezing. You do not need to turn off the water upon leaving; however, if the water is off when you arrive, there is a wrench below the kitchen sink. Use the wrench to turn on the water according to the photos, below. Please put the wrench back under the sink if you use it.

20140518_163706 20140518_163733


There is a lightswitch to your left as you are walking in. The lightswitch and ceiling fan control is in the kitchen area, below the bulletin board.


There is a great Vons market for all of your supplies/food/snacks/drinks/firewood about five miles west of the cabin, on Big Bear Blvd. There is also a Starbucks and a Laundromat in that same location.

We are big fans of Get The Burger and BBQ/Chicken Pot Pies/Dessert at local favorite Thelmas Family Restaurant.

If you like Indian food, or you want to try something different, the “Himalayan” in the Village is very good. The curry is excellent, and we left feeling very satisfied. “Dynasty,” on the Blvd, is a very nice Chinese food resturant. Our favorite pizza is in the Stater Bros. Mall (across the street from the Starbucks) at Red Baron.

Into sports? Hacienda, on the Blvd, is an excellent Mexican restaurant with a great sports bar feel.

You can read a current calendar and current things to do in Big Bear in the small cabinet to the left of the fireplace, where the Roku is located.


In order to keep our costs down, we ask that you clean the cabin space. We have cleaning supplies under the sink and to the right of the refrigerator.

20140518_162911Make sure to:

(1) Remove all items from the refrigerator and freezer (unless they were there before you arrived) — sometimes, we might have leftover bottled waters or ice from our previous stays, and you are welcome to use those.

(2) Use the sweep to clean the laminate flooring.

(3) Return pillows and blankets where they were.

(4) Close the blinds.

(5) Make the bed using the comforter provided.

(6) Turn off all lights and the ceiling fan.

(7) Turn off Roku power strip.

(8) Light dusting.

(9) Vacuuming of the carpets using the vacuum in the bedroom.

20140518_162417(10) Unplug the toaster, rice maker, and coffee maker if they were used (and remember to remove any coffee grinds and coffee from the coffee maker). Please leave the refrigerator and microwave plugged in.

(11) Clean the ashes from the fireplace and put in the ash container near the fireplace.

(12) Other spot cleaning as needed.

(13) Lock the door and replace the door key back into the lockbox.

Do your best to make the cabin look like it did when you first arrived, including moving any furniture (including fans) that you moved back to its place.

Failure to adequately clean up the cabin after your stay may result in a $30 cleaning fee per hour, to be taken from your $150 deposit. This is at the discretion of our property managers.


One complaint we have gotten about the cabin and which we have had is when we first walk-in during the summer after the cabin has been closed for sometime. The pilot light in the heater actually warms the place up, and there is a smell of gas that occurs.

Not to worry. This is the primary reason that we installed the ceiling fan. Turn that on high for a few minutes and leave the door open (maybe a few windows). It should cool off quickly, and you will find that for the remainder of your stay, the problem should be resolved.

You will be glad the pilot light is as warm as it is in the morning because even in the summer months, the early mornings can be a bit chilly.


The security deposit is used for cleaning fees and/or broken items. If you made your reservation through VRBO, we will return the unused portion of the security deposit no later than 7 work days following your check-out.

If you reserved through airbnb or flipkey, these websites will return your damage deposit according to their terms of service.


We want to know how you liked your stay or if you feel there are things that could have made your stay with us better. Please use the guest book!


Rob and Marie

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  • Nataly says:

    This was an awesome place. Felt like the perfect home. Stores were near by and not far away from the lake. It was comfy, cozy home.

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