Special Amenities at the Lovenest

Our cabin contains a newer refrigerator that can comfortably accommodate all of your food.  You can fill this fridge at the local Vons, which is stocked with everything you could want… including firewood.

lovenest8The kitchen area has a toaster, coffee maker, rice cooker, and a microwave. Utensils, glasses, mugs, pans, oven mitts, and other cooking materials are available for use with the stove and compact oven.

We do NOT have cable television; however, we have free wifi and a Roku.  Feel free to add Roku apps for your particular home cable system, which should allow you to stream television via the internet.

We are subscribers to the following media services:

1) Netflix: feel free to utilize our Netflix subscription, which is available through the Roku.  Hundreds of television programs and movies are available.

2) DramaFever: we are big fans of Korean dramas, so you can also take advantage of our subscription to DramaFever, available via the Roku.  Ask us for suggestions on what to watch!

3) Major League Baseball TV: Rob is a big baseball fan, so feel free to use our subscription to MLB.tv via the Roku to watch your favorite team (local teams are subject to blackout, unfortunately)

4) NFLnow: You can watch highlights, live, using this Roku app… feel free to use our subscription. There are previews of games and other NFL-related content, as well.

On June 17, 2014, we added a charcoal BBQ in the back.

On August 7, 2014, we added games! We have Yahtzee, Uno, Scrabble, Headbands, Checkers, Backgammon, and Dominoes, among others!

Big-Bear-Love-NestIn October, 2014, we upgraded our fireplace for heat efficiency (and the firebox was too big, which sometimes caused smoke to come into the cabin).

In November, 2014, we added a cozy bench for hot cocoa on the porch!

In April, 2015, we added a Playstation 3 (which has a Blueray DVD player)…

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